View from the podium (© Luca Peralta)composizione iridescente n.7 (by Giacomo Balla)Design proposal (© Luca Peralta)Existing residential tower (© Luca Peralta)Typical floor plan (© Luca Peralta)Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) and structural reinforcement (© Luca Peralta)Balconies with integrated photovoltaic balustrades and geothermal heating system (© Luca Peralta)Added balconies (© Luca Peralta)Detail of the balcony (© Luca Peralta)View of the balconies (© Luca Peralta)the existing elevation and the proposed elevation (© Luca Peralta)Landscaped podium and green roof (© Luca Peralta)site contestpreparation of the study model
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